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A New Look At Investing In Crypto 

"Why Crypto?"

Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade already.
Since the invention of Bitcoin we've witnessed the creation of thousands of blockchain-based prjects, pltforms and applications that disrupt pretty much every industry - finance, healthcare, education, gaming, data management, even the art world tapped into the NFT sector, which is one of the fastest growing crypto branches today.
Investing in cryptocurrencies is no longer a walk in the dark web and even institutional investors took a huge interest in this asset class, giving it even more credibility in recent years.

"Why is crypto currency a good investment?"

Like many investment tools (commodities, stocks, forex, etc) these are highly speculative assets. The volatility in cryptocurrencies is both good and bad for if it weren't for this volatility, people would not be making the incredible percentage gains that draws them to crypto.
Through cryptocurrency investments regular people were able to become financially independent and even accumulate wealth beyond their wildest dreams. I can attest to this myself. All you have to do is understand risk management and use it to your advantage.

"What Do I Need To Know?"

Through personal coaching and my books you will learn the nitty gritty of the cryptocurrencies market and how to pick the right cryptocurrencies to invest in. There are way too many of them today and only a handful of them are really worth your attention (and money), so taking the time to learn about crypto is your first step toward financial independence. I've helped thousands of people already and I provide tons of free and some paid content to get you on the right track, so book a consultation today (for free).

" Is It The Right Time To Invest In Crypto?"

This will depend on what are the current market conditions. All markets go through cycles. With Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, these are typically 4-year cycles, with around half of that being a bull market (when prices jump by huge amounts, 1000%, 3000%, sometmes up to 10,000%) and the following 2 years (approximately) we are in a bear cycle, when prices correct heavily, oten dropping by 60-80% or more. This is why it is really imprtant to pick the right time to invest in crypto. Not being aware of how these cycles work can result in buying near the top and then seeing your investment lose value over a long period of time. This is why I consult my clients on 1to1 basis to determine the right time and the right assets for them according to their circumstances.

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